Finance & Sector Support

Business Finance

We can help with all your financial requirements including the recovery from COVID-19 or support your plans to grow or diversify your business. Apply online or talk to one of our business teams today.

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Business Sectors

The Sectors Team is made up of Sector specialists recruited directly from their industries giving Bank of Ireland a unique understanding of their individual sectors. They are responsible for monitoring industry developments, providing commercial insights and identifying potential opportunities and threats for both Bank of Ireland and our customers.

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Managing Cashflow

One of the most common reasons that small businesses fail is that they do not manage their cashflow successfully. Here are five top mistakes to avoid.

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Sector based COVID-19 Videos and Articles

Sector Insights on the impact of COVID-19

Watch our Bank of Ireland Sector Insights series as our team of sectoral experts discuss the impact of COVID-19 and the path to recovery across many sectors.

Episode 1 Food and Drink Sector

Episode 2 Agriculture Sector

Episode 3 Technology Sector

Episode 4 Retail Convenience Sector

Episode 5 Manufacturing Sector

Episode 6 Hospitality Sector

Episode 7 Health Sector