Introducing Approve

Early in 2022 we will be moving Business On Line customers from the KeyCode app to a new authentication app called ‘Approve’. This includes Business On Line Payments Plus customers.

Approve works in a similar way to KeyCode, generating one time codes to enable you to logon and authorise payees and payments using Business On Line and Business On Line Payments Plus.

We will be in contact with Business On Line customers with more information closer to the time. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to get ready.

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Screen Changes from Monday 31st January

We’ve made some important changes to authorisation screens, to add the instructions required for Users to authorise files on Business On Line Payments Plus using the Approve app.

Users should continue to follow the KeyCode instructions until your Administrator activates you for the Approve app*.

Although the authorisation screen instructions now default to the Approve app, Users can click the blue toggle to instead display the KeyCode instructions – the KeyCode instructions have not changed. Users can always click on the toggle for a second time to return to the Approve instructions.

*Note for Administrators: We’re moving profiles on a phased basis so you won’t be able to move to Approve right away. You’ll receive separate communications explaining the steps you need to take.

For more information on what to do once you have been notified that you are ready to make the move to approve click here