National Enterprise Town Awards

Judging criteria for Bank of Ireland’s National Enterprise Town Awards 2019

(Please read the judging criteria below which may assist your Town when preparing your presentation and itinerary for judging day):

1. The Enterprising Town

  • Extent and range of business activity/business groups
  • Local enterprise initiatives/events/promotions/marketing
  • Innovation e.g. new technology/social media etc.
  • Social enterprises

2. Attractiveness of town

  • Well maintained public realm areas/active tidy towns
  • Welcome signage and general street signage
  • Attractiveness of business premises
  • Parking and accessibility for all

3. Partnership and reaching out

  • Working with local authority/agencies/town teams
  • Joint initiatives between businesses through chamber of commerce, local business groups and community
  • Diaspora engagement and twinning
  • Active involvement in public participation processes e.g. town plans/parking plans/public realm proposals, regeneration proposals, tourism plans, public participation network

4. Town Leadership

  • Representative of business and community organisations
  • Current and future plans
  • Examples of change initiatives or managing crises
  • Awareness of what makes the town unique

5. Overall community support in town

  • Support for local businesses by community
  • Support for key service businesses e.g. post office, credit union, bank, local co-op etc.
  • Voluntary, culture, sports , heritage, environment, community etc. organisations
  • Initiatives to help businesses and the wider community make better financial decisions for themselves

6. Inclusion and diversity

  • Gender diversity in entrepreneurship
  • Inclusivity of other cultures
  • Details of initiatives supporting inclusion and diversity
  • Reaching out to disadvantaged international communities

7. Other

  • Recognition awards/town/clubs/individual etc.
  • Local publications/media etc.
  • Unique initiatives
  • Evidence of sustainability

8. Overall impression

  • In this category the marks will reflect the judges overall impression of the town and will be based on the full extent of the visit.

Comment: The town need not confine itself solely to the sub-headings of the judging criteria as they are indicative guidelines only for the towns and judges. The judges will require the town to demonstrate innovation, pro-activity, sustainability, partnership, social inclusion, leadership and a sense of energy. The judges will only take into consideration the evidence presented by the town on the day of judging. The judges’ decision will be final.

Rising Star 2019

Towns making submissions to be the Rising Star winner 2019 will be shortlisted on the basis of their submission. Shortlisted towns will receive a separate one and a half hour visit by a panel of judges.