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Using your new mobile authentication app for Business On Line.
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Using KeyCode

KeyCode is the new authentication app for Business On Line. It replaces existing security features and is used for logging on and authorising payments and payees on Business On Line.

We are aware that a fraudster is currently phoning and emailing customers pretending to be from Bank of Ireland. Never give passwords, confidential information or bank account details out to anyone and be careful what information you share on social media. If you get a suspicious call or email, contact immediately. Remember: Bank of Ireland will never ask you to transfer money to another account.

Thank you for activating KeyCode for Business On Line. Here is some useful information to help you when using the app.

KeyCode Support - Link layer

KeyCode Support

Find the answer to all your questions in our KeyCode help centre.
Lost or replaced devices - Link layer

Lost or replaced devices

What do I do if I lose or replace the phone or device I use for KeyCode?
Administrator and User Activation - Link layer

Administrator and User Activation

Help with KeyCode activation.
KeyCode Videos - Link layer

KeyCode Videos

Watch our videos to find out more about using KeyCode with Business On Line and for support with setting up the app.
KeyCode Security - Link layer

KeyCode Security

Find out more about the security benefits of KeyCode and tips to keep your device secure.