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Bank of Ireland KeyCode is a new secure authentication app for Business On Line customers. It is replacing digital certificates, security codes and password and will remove the requirement for Java updates. Find out more here.

Digital Certificate

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  • How do I order a Digital Certificate?

    Before you order your Digital Certificate please ensure you have:

    • Valid User Log On Details.
    • Valid Administrator log on details.
    • The most up to date version of Java or MAC installed on your PC.

    To order your Digital Certificate:

    1. Log on to Business On Line (BOL) as ‘User’.
    2. Select the ‘Admin’ tab on Dashboard.
    3. Select ‘Request Digital Certificate’
    4. Enter the telephone number for Administrator (or CUA), followed by the 1CUA ID and first password, followed by the CUA second password.
    5. Click ‘Submit’.
    • A pop-up box will appear asking you to create and confirm a new Digital Certificate password.
    • Once you complete this another pop-up box will appear to say that the Administrator(s) have been notified to authorise the request.
    • Once the Digital Certificate is authorised and activated you will be able to process payments.
    Note for Ordering a Digital Certificate The ‘Key Path Name’ on the digital certificate request screen will default to a location on your machine. This can be amended to a drive of your choice.
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  • How do I reactivate a Digital Certificate, if it is Inactive

    To reactivate a Digital Certificate you will need to:

    • Log on to Business On Line as the Administrator. You will then be shown a list of users.
    • The status of Digital Certificate will be Digicert Locked.
    • To reactivate this, select the Yes button.
    • A message confirming **User Successfully Modified" will appear.
    • Once reactivated your user can proceed with payments.
    Note for Reactivating a Digital Certificate: If the User does not know the password for their Digital Certificate, they must request a New Digital Certificate. Please refer to ‘How do I Order a Digital Certificate?’
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  • How to change your Digital Certificate Password

    To change your Digital Certificate password you will need to:

    1. Log on to Business On Line as Administrator.
    2. Select ‘Admin’ tab from the dashboard.
    3. Select ‘Update Passwords’ followed by ‘Digital Certificate Passwords’.
    4. Accept the option to reset the Digital Certificate password and click ‘Save’.
    5. The Digital Certificate password has now been reset.
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  • Unable to create the Digital Certificate files. Please check your administrator details or your internet browser permissions.

    Please see below trouble shooting steps you may follow if you are presented with the above message.

    Should this message appear AFTER entering a new digital cert password, Java is not the issue as Java is required to proceed this far.

    Step one:

    Windows Users please ensure Java in enabled IE and Firefox this is basically just making sure its Enabled/Always Activate in the add-ons section on your browser. See Java Support for step by step guide to access Java settings on windows.

    Mac Users Java may not be enabled in the browser. This would indicate that Java has not been set to run in ‘unsafe mode’ and also been set to ‘allow always’. You will know its set up correctly when it says allow access in the drop down box followed by a ‘!’ in a triangle. See Java Support for step by step guide to access Java settings on Apple Mac

    Step 2:

    Logging in as CUA, please ensure that details are correct. Once the correct details have been confirmed, please ensure that you are entering these same details on the request screen. You should avoid using special characters in your password i.e. non alphanumeric characters (A to Z / 0 to 9). We may be required to generate a new CUA password in cases whereby the Profile becomes inactive whilst ordering a Digital Certificate.

    Step 3:

    Please ensure you have local permissions on your workstation/computer to save files. Problems may arise if you do not have permissions to save to your local PC due to computer or your company’s network setting. We advise seeking advice of your local IT department to confirm.

    You may be required to create a folder manually if you are prompted for a password to create the Digital Certificate.

    Attempt to run the browser as administrator (mouse right click>run as administrator), as this may bypass the Administrator permissions.
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1 CUA - represents Administrator