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Bank of Ireland KeyCode is a new secure authentication app for Business On Line customers. It is replacing digital certificates, security codes and password and will remove the requirement for Java updates. Find out more here.

About KeyCode

KeyCode is being introduced on a phased basis. If you’re new to Business On Line or have recently been notified that your profile is ready to use with KeyCode, then you will be taken through the setup process when you log in to Business On Line.

  • What are the benefits of Keycode?

    KeyCode is easy to use, secure and convenient.

    Easy - No need to remember long passwords any more! Just download the app and go through a one-off set up process. After that, you’re in control – no time spent getting Java updates again.

    Convenient - Replacing current security features ensures compatibility for Business On Line with all major internet browsers. Available free to download on all major smart mobile devices (including smartphone, tablet and iPod touch). Users can authorise payments from multiple locations and are no longer restricted to a specific desktop/laptop.

    Secure - In a world where technology is constantly evolving, security must evolve also and we are committed to providing you with best-in-class when it comes to your safety online.

    KeyCode is used with Business On Line to perform certain functions but is not a mobile banking app
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  • What type of devices is KeyCode compatible with?

    Bank of Ireland KeyCode works with all major smart mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows smartphone, tablet (excluding Amazon Fire tablet devices) or iPod Touch.

    Minimum technical specifications: Android 4.1 to 6x; iOS 8, 9, 10; Windows mobile OS 8.1 and 10 (Not compatible with Windows 10 Home edition).

    We recommend that you do not access Business On Line from the same device that you use the Bank of Ireland KeyCode app for authentication.

    The app is available to download from all official app stores. If you are unsure if your device is compatible, why not try downloading now by searching for ‘Bank of Ireland KeyCode’ in your device’s app store.

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  • Can I use Business On Line on a mobile device?

    KeyCode is used with Business On Line to perform certain functions but is not a mobile banking app.

    Business On Line is available on smart mobile devices to view account balances, payments and transaction history.

    For full Business On Line services, users must log on directly via their desktop or laptop computer.

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  • Do I need internet access, cellular access or a sim card for the app to work?

    Once downloaded the app doesn't require online/internet access to work. No sim card or cellular access is required.

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  • How much storage space does the app require?

    KeyCode requires less than 2mb free storage space on your smart handheld device.

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