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Bank of Ireland KeyCode is a new secure authentication app for Business On Line customers. It is replacing digital certificates, security codes and password and will remove the requirement for Java updates. Find out more here.

KeyCode Setup & Registration

KeyCode is being introduced on a phased basis. If you’re new to Business On Line or have recently been notified that your profile is ready to use with KeyCode, then you will be taken through the setup process when you log in to Business On Line.

  • How do I install Bank of Ireland KeyCode on my smart device?

    KeyCode is available on all official app stores. To install:

    • Search your app store for ‘Bank of Ireland KeyCode’ for the free download. For Android devices look up Keycode in Google Play, for iOS devices look in App Store and for Windows devices look in Microsoft Store.
    • Once you find the app, download and install. View our download guide here.
    • Once you download the app, you will be presented with a Serial number to input on the ‘Self-service webpage’. You will find this page on Business On Line when you log in as an Administrator and follow the onscreen instructions.
    Tip: Automatic date and time settings should be in use on your KeyCode device.
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  • How do I register/activate Administrators and Users for KeyCode?



    • Once the Administrator is registered, they can then complete the process with the Users. User must download the KeyCode app onto their own device.
    • Administrator, when logged into Business On Line, goes to Dashboard and clicks ‘Activate’ against each User and follows the onscreen instructions.

      Please ensure all Users are Unlocked before completing this step. If you see a Locked status beside a User, click on it and will return to Unlocked.

    • User will need to set a PIN for their KeyCode app.

    Tip: For help finding your KeyCode app serial number, click here.

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  • What is the KeyCode Serial Number and where do I find it?

    It is a unique 16-digit code needed for registration. It is presented during initial download but can also be located in the main menu under App Information.

    To access App information:

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  • Can I use my KeyCode app on multiple profiles?

    Each app has an individual serial number which can be registered to multiple Business On Line profiles.

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  • Does every Business On Line User need a KeyCode app?

    The Bank of Ireland KeyCode app is user-specific. Each must have access to their own KeyCode app on a smart handheld device. The app can then be registered to any Business On Line profile that user is linked to.

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  • How long does setup take to complete?
    • Administrator setup takes approx. 10 minutes to complete
    • User setup takes approx. 5 minutes per User
    • Once the Administrator has completed their KeyCode setup, you have 5 days to complete User setup - Administrator and User must both be present to complete this process.

    Important: After following the onscreen steps on Business On Line, you must call the Helpdesk to complete activation. You can find contact details here. New Business On Line or KeyCode Administrators will not be able to login to the Administrator screens until this step is completed.

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  • What happens if User setup for KeyCode is not completed within 5 days of Administrator setup?

    Once the Business On Line Administrator(s) have activated their own KeyCode app, you have 5 days to complete the below 3 steps for each User to avoid any service disruption. If these steps are not completed within 5 days, the User will be locked out and will need to contact their Administrator to complete as soon as possible.

    1. All Users on the profile need to download the Bank of Ireland KeyCode app onto their device.
    2. Administrator needs to log in to their Business On Line Administrator profile and click the activate button beside each User on the Dashboard.
    3. Follow the on screen instructions to complete User setup. If these steps are not completed within 5 days, the User will be locked out and will need to contact their Administrator to complete the above steps in order to continue using Business On Line.
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