Business On Line

Our online banking service Business On Line is available to existing Bank of Ireland business customers.

Online Packages

There is a choice of online packages to your business

Package Details Subscription fees
Level 1/2 View account balances, transactions, direct debits, and standing orders €10 per month
Make domestic and cross-border account transfers and third-party payments
Domestic and cross-border banking Create EFT payments
View foreign exchange rates and commentary
View treasury deposit accounts and interest rates
View outstanding foreign exchange contracts
Level 3 All Level 1/2 benefits plus €55 per month
Make urgent priority payments for large values (same day money transfers)
Comprehensive banking Export data to other systems
View interest accrued

Details of other fees and charges that apply to Business On Line are detailed in our Business On Line brochure.

Group of Companies (Multi Co)

If your company is within a Group of Companies (Multi Co), all companies can be set up on one Business On Line profile (subject to agreement by each company). This will allow you to benefit from a reduced subscription charge. BOL Level 1/ 2, no monthly subscription charge will apply to add a 2nd, 3rd or subsequent company. For BOL Level 3, a monthly subscription charge of €27.50 will apply to add a second company and €13.75 for a 3rd and subsequent company. If you are a registered charity, you will receive a reduced subscription charge of 50%. These concessions are only applied when subscription charges are charged to one central billing account and may not be split across multiple entities.

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