Optimum Deposit Account

The Optimum account offers you a fixed rate for the term with the flexibility to access your money with 31 Days’ notice.

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Features of the Optimum Deposit account

  • Term(s) available: 6 Month (26 weeks)
  • Fixed rate of interest. Annual Equivalent Rates (AER) are quoted based on a 365 day calendar year
  • Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax at the prevailing rate
  • Interest paid at maturity of the account
  • Minimum initial lodgement €100,000, maximum lodgement €10,000,000
  • Lodgements can be made any number of times, but the account balance must not exceed the initial lodgement balance
  • Funds can be withdrawn by providing instructions and serving a 31 day notice period
  • To withdraw funds, provide written instructions to any Bank of Ireland branch or use 365 online or phone banking if registered for these services.
  • Available to new and existing funds to the Bank of Ireland Group
  • Available to open in branch

Important information on using Notice to make withdrawals from your account:

If you are transferring funds to another Bank of Ireland account, the transfer takes place on the day after the notice period expires. This means Day 32 for an Optimum Account

If collecting funds from a branch, your withdrawal will remain available for 5 working days after the notice period expires. If not collected in this time, a new notice instruction will be required and a new notice period served before the funds become available again.

To find out more about the product, download our information sheet.

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