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  • How do I edit, authorise or cancel a payment?

    To view/ edit a payment

    1. To find a payment that has been paid or is pending authorisation, select ‘Payments/Payees’ tab on the menu bar of the dashboard and select ‘Payments Centre’.
    2. To view your payment select Eye Icon beside the payment you wish to view.
    3. To edit your payment select the Plus Icon, make your changes and click ‘Save Payment Details’.

    To Authorise or Cancel a payment

    You can authorise payments from the dashboard or from the Payments Centre under the Payments/Payee tab.

    1. To authorise or cancel a payment, tick the check box next to the payment(s).
    2. Select ‘Authorise’ or ‘Cancel’. Your Digital Certificate password will then be required to authorise or cancel the payment.
    Important: the facility to cancel a payment is only available for some payment types. If you cannot cancel your payment on Business On Line please contact the helpdesk who may be able to assist you with your request.
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  • What is in the balance shown on the Dashboard?

    This is the total balance of Euro-only accounts. It excludes any foreign currency accounts.

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  • How do I know what charges apply to my payment?

    Please see the link below to our schedule of Fees & Charges:

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