Business On Line Status

Status : Normal Service

Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 9.15 am

Business On Line is  currently operating normally.  If you require assistance please read our "Help & Support" Section at

New BOL Homepage - tips on access and usage

If you are experiencing difficulty trying to access Business On Line via the new homepage (e.g. you have entered your User Name and Password and clicked on the Logon button but the old homepage still displays) please complete the following step:

  • Press the Ctrl key and F5 key on your keyboard.  This will refresh your cache and allow you to re-enter your User Name and Password and continue as normal.

If you have logged in successfully but the drop down lists on the Menu bar are "transparent" and when you click on one of the drop down items (e.g. Transactions) the screen disappears, you will need to ensure your Compatibility View Setting is turned on.  To do this, please complete the following steps:

  • Go to Tools
  • Then go to Compatibility View Settings.
  • You should see "" appear in the "Add this website" field.
  • Click "Add" and you should see "" move to the "Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View" field.
  • Click "Close".
  • Then press Ctrl and F5 keys on your keyboard to refresh the page.


If you have carried out a full refresh of your cache (i.e. deleted all your browser history) you will need to re-add "" to your Compatibility View Settings again, as per the steps above.

If you are experiencing a BLANK PAGE being displayed when visiting the new BOL homepage, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you close all your browsers
  • Re-open a new session of Internet Explorer
  • Type in the BOL web address of (do not select previous addresses that may appear in your drop down list box on your Address Bar)
  • If you are still having problems, please ensure that you have followed the "Ctrl + F5" and "compatibility view" steps above.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, you may need to reset Internet Explorer.

Note: If your PC is supported by a local IT team, you should always engage with them before making any changes.  Please also note that after resetting Internet Explorer, you will need to enable Java, and allow pop-ups and reset Compatibility View Settings.

To reset Internet Explorer  follow the steps below:

  • Go to Tools
  • Click Internet Options
  • Click Connections
  • Click Lan Settings
  • If proxy server is ticked you must contact your local IT to reset Internet Explorer
  • If this is unticked you may continue with the steps below
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Reset Internet Explorer
  • Then restart your computer.
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools
  • Select Pop Up Blocers - Click turn off pop up blockers
  • Select Manage Add-Ons
  • Choose all Add-ons
  • Ensure that all java options are set to enabled
  • Restart Internet Explorer and type into the address bar

Please ensure you are logging in using Internet Explorer and not using other browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Virus Awareness and Online Security Update – March 21st 2014               

Please note that we have become aware of an increased amount of Virus Activity, including some customers reporting some fraudulent Business On Line logon screens. We would like to remind customers that their vigilance in regards to their online security is very important.  Do not enter your Digital Certificate Payments Password into logon screens, outside of the Business On Line application.

We would strongly recommend that customers always use up to date Virus Protection software and that they take the appropriate steps to ensure that their online activity is secure. For more information on Online security and Steps to good PC hygiene please visit . implemented a quarterly “patch” upgrade to their software on 15th April 2014.  As Business On Line uses the latest version of Java-based software programmes, you may find that you will need to follow a few simple steps if you notice any impact on the performance of Business On Line as a result.

To overcome any issues you may experience after the Java upgrade, you may first need to uninstall any old versions of Java from your machine and download the latest version by following the steps below:

  • Click Start → Control Panel → Add/Remove programmes or programmes → List of all programmes will appear → Scroll to J → Remove all JAVA (including J2 run time environment)
  • Return to the Java website (
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD menu option located on the Java homepage and complete the download (please ensure you receive a message stating Java has been down loaded successfully)
  • You will now need to restart Internet Explorer

Once these steps have been followed, Business On Line should operate as normal.

BOL Customer Care Team.

Business On Line Payments Plus

Status : Normal Service.

Updated:  Tuesday 22nd April 9.15 am

Business On Line Payments Plus is currently operating normally.  If you require assistance please read our "Help & Support" Section at

Business On Line File Gateway

Status: Normal Service.

Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 9.15 am

Business On Line File Gateway is currently operating normally.  If you require assistance please read our "Help & Support" Section at


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