Begin Together Awards

Judging criteria guidelines for Bank of Ireland’s Begin Together Awards 2020

The judging criteria outlined below may assist your Town, City village or urban area when preparing your presentation and itinerary for your judging day. It is important to note that the town need not confine itself solely to the detail of the judging criteria as they are indicative guidelines only for the towns.
The judges will expect the town to demonstrate to them their unique town vision and strengths.

N.B. The judges will only take into consideration the evidence presented by the town on the day of judging and the judges’ decision will be final.

1. The Enterprising Town

The judges would like to hear details of the range of business and social enterprises in the town and any significant local innovative economic development actions being undertaken. They would also like to hear how these initiatives are contributing to sustainable employment and a sustainable economy.

2. Attractiveness of town

The judges are well aware of the importance of a town being attractive to do business in for locals and visitors alike, with good public realm, signage, attractive business premises, parking and accessibility. While the judges will see this on their town tour, it may be helpful to refer to special endeavours in this area in your presentation.

3. Partnership and reaching out

The judges are keen to see evidence of partnership initiatives, involving business organisations, community groups, local authorities and state agencies. They also want to see the town reaching out to its diaspora and others and how the town actively involves itself in public consultations and influences its own future.

4. Town Leadership

The judges would like to hear details of the business and community organisations in the town and also of current and future plans for the town. Examples of handling major change or crisis could be outlined as well as demonstrating an awareness of the town’s USP.

5. Overall community support in town

The judges wish to see examples of how the business and community sector support one another and the range of community activities in the town. They are particularly interested in hearing of initiatives which help the businesses and the overall community make better business and personal financial decisions.

6. Inclusion and diversity

The judges are interested in hearing and seeing how the town ensures participation, inclusivity and access for all, to the opportunities the town has to offer. Generally, they want examples of how the town cares for all its’ citizens and disadvantaged local and international communities.

7. Embracing climate change challenges

Every town, its businesses and communities must be active and visible in taking initiatives to deal with this global challenge and the combined effort of all of us will make the difference. The judges would like to see business, community and individual initiatives in this area.

8. Other

This heading gives an opportunity to showcase awards, unique initiatives, local publications, local heroes and other achievements not covered under headings 1 to 7 above.

The judges overall impression of the town and will be based on the full extent of the visit from arrival to departure.