HashTab for Windows operating system

Download Hashtab

HashTab for OSX operating system

Download Hashtab

Note: This will be a one-time download only and you will not have to revisit this page.

Download & Installation Instructions

  1. Click the ‘Download Now’ button at the top of the page
  2. Click ‘Open’ when prompted if you want to open or save this file
  3. Please double click on the executable application file
  4. If prompted to open the .exe file – please click ‘Yes’
  5. If asked ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?’ – please click ‘Yes’
  6. The HashTab Setup Wizard will automatically open. Click on ‘Next’ to continue
  7. The License Agreement is displayed. Click on ‘I Agree’ to continue
  8. The ‘Choose Install Location’ option is displayed. Please specify the folder on your computer where you wish to install HashTab and click on ‘Install’
  9. Confirmation of the installation of HashTab on your computer is displayed. Click on ‘Finish’ to close the setup wizard.

Following installation of HashTab, please refer to the details in your migration pack received in the post for further information on uploading files on Business On Line File Gateway.

Support (if required)

Business On Line Contact Information:

Telephone ROI: 1890 818 265
NI: 0845 309 8123
GB: 0845 309 8124
International customers: 353 1 4606445
Fax: 353 1 2851336
Email: business.online@boimail.com

About ImplBits

ImplBits are a Bank of Ireland approved software provider who provide a hashing tool called HashTab. Please note that this software is provided free of charge, on an “as is” basis, and subject to terms and conditions. Whilst use of a hash viewing tool is required for File Verification on Business On Line Payments Plus, Bank of Ireland accepts no responsibility, and is not liable, for your use of HashTab, and you are free to use an alternative hashing tool of your choice.

Computer Security & PC Hygiene

Please visit the following link for advice on good PC hygiene & computer security.