Bank of Ireland International Payments

Safe and secure foreign currency services to support businesses trading abroad. Whether you make regular International Payments, or your needs are changing, we can help.

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International Payments

Does your business make or receive payments in non-Euro currencies?

  • At Bank of Ireland, we offer our business customers a number of easy, safe and reliable ways to make International Payments, also known as Forex, FX or Foreign Currency Transfers.
  • We have a full range of FX products and services to suit your business needs, whether your business is just beginning to trade abroad, or already makes regular International Bank Transfers.
  • There are a number of ways for you to make digital International Payments; via 365 Online and via our mobile app , via Business On Line, or for regular payments, FXPay.
  • Making FX Payments - Online & via Mobile Banking

    We have outlined below, the channels for making online FX Payments with Bank of Ireland.

    365 Online & Banking App

    • No payment fees on transfers to the UK, EU member states and EEA countries. For example, customers can send Sterling to the UK or Zloty to Poland with no payment fees1
    • Suitable for currency transfers up to €20,000 (payee transaction limits may vary)2

    To find out more about using 365 Online or the Bank of Ireland app for currency payments, click here, or if you’re a 365 Online customer and wish to make a currency payment, you can log in below.

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    Business On Line

    • No limit on transaction amounts for currency transfers
    • Urgent same day international payments available 3

    To find out more about using BOL for currency payments click here, or if you’re a BOL customer and wish to make a currency payment, you can log in below.

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    FXPay is Bank of Ireland’s online portal dedicated to International Payments. It is suitable for customers who make regular FX Payments.

    • Allows customers to book FX deals, make payments, track rates
    • No payment fee for standard payments until January 20224

    To find out more about using FXPay for currency payments click here, or if you’re an FXPay customer and wish to make a currency payment, you can log in below.

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  • Contact our FX Dealing Team
    • If your business imports, exports or purchases equipment abroad, you may need to look at managing currency risk. Our treasury team can help you understand your business foreign exchange needs and discuss your currency risk management options. This can help protect against the adverse impact of market movements.
    • Our dedicated FX dealing team are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and would be happy to discuss your requirements.
    • Call 01 6094300 or
    • Email our FX dealing team

Zero payment fees to the UK, EU member states and EEA countries (e.g. Sterling to the UK, Zloty to Poland). Payments outside EU member states/EEA countries with an FX conversion (e.g. USD to United States) are €5. Receiving bank may apply charges where applicable. Please refer to the Schedule of International Transaction Charges brochure, Outward Cross Border Payments. Standard exchange rates apply and this service may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.

Terms and Conditions apply to 365 Online.

2 A security code is required to complete the addition of a new payee to your online profile. There are two options available to deliver the security code – by post or mobile phone. You must be registered to receive security codes by mobile phone. The transaction limits differ depending on the delivery method chosen. There is a total daily transaction limit of €/£20,000 including international fees and charges. This amount is included in the €/£20,000 daily transaction limit for 365 online. Payee security codes sent to your mobile phone are subject to a working day limit of €/£10,000.
3 Business On Line Monthly fee is €10. Same Day Urgent Payment fee is €37.50. Terms and Conditions apply.
4 FXPay Special Terms and Conditions apply.

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