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FXPay, our online FX platform, allows you to easily and securely transact FX deals and make currency payments online. It is suitable for customers who make regular foreign exchange payments.

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Save your business time and money with FXPay, our digital FX solution, dedicated to currency payments.

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FXPay allows customers to:

  • Book FX deals.
  • Make payments.
  • Track rates.
  • Make standard payments with no fee until January 2025*.
  • Place an Order.
  • Bulk Payments.

*FXPay special terms and conditions apply.

Meet The Team

Our award winning team of FX specialists & treasury managers are equipped with years of experience to assist your business in navigating and managing your foreign currency and Interest Rate risk needs.

You can contact our dedicated team to learn more about our customised offering and for further information on how we can support your business through the fast changing global markets environment.

Pat McDermott

Pat McDermott – Head of Digital Sales – FXPay

Email: Pat.mcdermott@boi.com

Phone: 087 380 7422

Gearoid O’Flynn

Gearoid O’Flynn – Area South

Email: Gearoid.oflynn@boi.com

Phone: 01 609 4300

Claire Duffy

Claire Duffy – Area West & North

Email: Claire.p.duffy@boi.com

Phone: 086 384 6942

Ann O’Meara

Ann O’Meara – Area North & South

Email: Ann.omeara@boi.com

Phone: 087 185 7172

Pauric Lonergan

Pauric Lonergan – Area East

Email: Pauric.lonergan@boi.com

Phone: 01 609 4300

Dermot Cullen

Dermot Cullen – Area East

Email: Dermot.Cullen@boi.com

Phone: 01 609 4300

Derek Nugent

Derek Nugent – Area East

Email: Derek.Nugent@boi.com

Phone: 01 609 4300

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