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Save your business time and money with FXPay. Bank of Ireland's digital FX solution, dedicated to international payments.

Introducing FXPay

FXPay allows you to easily and securely transact FX deals and make international payments online.

FXPay: Money well sent

Introducing the FXPay payment platform


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Meet our customers

We asked some of our customers about their experience of using FXPay for their business international payments. Here’s what they had to say.

Torc Candles

Meet David Sammon from Torc Candles


Shelton Distributors

Meet Shelton Distributors


Lemonfield Pottery

Meet Eric Davis and Eileen Corbett

Customer testimonials

Customers from across a range of business sectors have benefited from our online international payment platform FXPay.


“What I like most about your offering is the FXPay platform. Various forward dates and values can be tried at your own pace and then a deal executed as you see fit, you really feel that you are in charge and not being lead. The rates are very keenly priced and are the best I have been able to find; in some instances I get the actual mid-market rate per the currency sites” – Edmund Mescall – Financial Controller, L&M Keating


‘’We were very impressed with the ease of the system! It really is a seamless process to buy currency and make payments‘’ – Mary Moorehead – Accounts Manager, Life Scientific.



“Just used FXPay to buy US Dollars – extremely user friendly” – Michael Buckley – Financial Controller, Eurostyle.



“FXPay is very cost effective and has taken the hassle out of foreign exchange, very convenient and easy to use. The service we receive from the BOI Global Markets team is always top class.”- Sandra O’Reilly – Financial Controller, High Precision Motor Products Ltd.

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