Corporate Pension

Planning for your employee’s future is one of the many benefits which can be provided by employers.
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Company pensions at a glance

We can help you set up a scheme for your employees as part of an employee benefits programme. We offer:

  • Competitive and transparent charges
  • A service tailored to suit your employees
  • A market-leading online company pension platform
  • Pensions saving information at the click of a button
  • A wide range of funds to invest in.

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Our pension consultants are available, nationwide, to meet you, listen to your needs and talk you through the whole process.

Why choose us?

We have helped thousands of companies – big and small – to set up a pension scheme for their employees:

  • Providing company pension schemes since 1990
  • Working with companies with six to 10,000 employees
  • Helping companies design, implement and manage pension plans
  • Delivering solutions to 4,000 companies.

Benefits of a pension plan

Having a pension scheme can:

  • Help you attract and retain employees
  • Meet your legal obligation to offer pension options to your staff
  • Enable your employees to save for their future in a tax-efficient way
  • Mean you may benefit from corporation tax relief.

Find out more

  • For more about company pensions, please read our brochure: Providing Benefits for Employees.
  • More employee benefits

    We also support companies to offer other employee benefits including:

    • Trustee services
    • Death in service benefits
    • Disability and accident cover
    • Financial wellbeing programme
    • Premier banking

    Talk to us

    Our pension consultants are available nationwide, to meet you, listen to your needs and talk you through the process.

    Auto-Enrolment Hub

    While there are many good reasons to have retirement savings, we know that pension coverage remains poor. In time, this could lead to a huge reliance on the State Pension. To encourage greater private pension take up, Auto-Enrolment is proposed as the new retirement savings system for employees. The Government intends to introduce it in late 2024 which means employers need to know their options and be ready. Auto-Enrolment should be a priority for all business’s but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. Find more support information on Auto-Enrolment.

    If you have a pension plan in place for your employees already

    • Review it and get advice to see if it meets the requirements of new legislation being introduced.

    If you don’t have a pension offering currently in place

    • Consider the options available to you
    1. Put a private pension in place for your employees that meets the requirements
    2. or

    3. Do nothing and introduce the State scheme when it comes into force.

    There are pro’s and con’s to each option so knowing what is the best option for your business is something that needs careful consideration. As a business you will need to plan ahead, so ask yourself 3 simple questions:

    1. What demographic of employee does the business have?
    2. What is the criteria for participation to the scheme?
    3. How much will the business need to fund pension contributions next year?

    Our advisors can answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

    Talk to us

    Our pension consultants are available nationwide, to meet you, listen to your needs and talk you through the process.

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