Bank of Ireland’s commitment to the health sector and our appetite for lending remain strong.

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At Bank of Ireland we have in depth understanding of the complexities and realities of healthcare and the insight required to support healthcare businesses to anticipate, adapt and thrive. We understand the unique funding requirements of the sector and our specialist sector experience combined with the extensive business and banking knowledge of our local Business Relationship Managers ensures that Bank of Ireland is uniquely positioned to anticipate and support the needs of our customers and provide the necessary banking solutions.

Long Term Care

We understand that a nursing home is more than just a business and the vital role that nursing home operators and home care providers play in the continuum of care for our ageing population. The knowledge and experience of operators and providers and their staff is key to meeting standards and delivering high quality care. Our in-depth understanding of the long-term care sector is informed by our sector specialist expertise, our banking experience and our local relationships with customers. We are committed to supporting the future funding needs of our existing and new customers and have allocated a further €300m to support the continued growth and investment in the long term care sector.


At Bank of Ireland we understand the significant socio-economic contribution that the retail pharmacy sector makes to the local communities and the health sector and the challenges faced in recent years.

Between 2009 and 2016 the Government cuts in reimbursement rates on State run schemes saved c. €2.64bn from reduced payments to pharmacists and in addition there was increased competition in the form of supermarket multiples and large international pharmacy chains. However pharmacy owners have proven themselves to be resilient and have adapted to changes in their business model and this has resulted in improving EBIDTA margins. Bank of Ireland has a significant and diverse portfolio of retail community pharmacy customers and we understand the challenges and opportunities of the sector. Our proven financial capabilities and appetite, combined with an in-depth understanding of the sector, provide us with a strong platform to meet the funding requirements of pharmacies.

Primary Care Centres

Bank of Ireland is actively supporting the government strategy to develop Primary Care Centres (PCCs) across the country.

Our proven financial capabilities and appetite, combined with in-depth understanding of the primary care sector and our team of property experts, provides us with a strong platform to meet the funding requirements of PCC developers and operators.

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Gráinne Henson – Head of Health

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