Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance enables you to raise working capital by converting trade debts into cash.

How Does It Work

Invoice finance provides you with a pre-agreed percentage (up to 85%) of ‘approved’ debts. Approved debts are trade debts for goods/services delivered or completed in full, supported by a robust and undisputable paper trail. These are usually for invoices outstanding up to 90 days.

Steps of Invoice Finance:

Steps of Invoice Finance

Customer scenario:

Debtors: € 1,000,000 †Less disapproved Debtors: € 100,000 Approved debts: € 900,000 85% of approved debts (availability): € 765,000.

†Disapproved debts can include aged debts beyond a specified time limit, inter-company debts, disputed debts, contra balances where you are selling to your suppliers and cash sales.

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