We recently contacted our business & non personal customers to advise that we were implementing some increases to our cash handling fees. These increases were due to come into effect from 18th May 2020.

We have kept the implementation date for these changes to cash handling charges under review while the Covid-19 situation was evolving. We are now deferring the implementation of these charges until later in the year. This means that there will be no increase in our cash handling fees from 18th May 2020.

The charges that will continue to apply for cash handling fees will be as follows:

Fee Type Current Fee
Notes lodged/paid in €0.60 per €100
Notes withdrawn/paid out €0.60 per €100
Notes exchanged €1.20 per €100
Cheques cashed under advice Interbranch €0.60 per item plus €0.60 per €100

Our focus is on supporting customers through the challenges presented by Covid-19.

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