What Is Financial Wellbeing For Business?

For business owners, both large and small, good planning is essential in order to increase the chances of weathering any events that may arise.

The Financial Wellbeing Index is designed to help you assess how well prepared you are to meet your business needs by providing a moment-in-time snapshot of your financial wellbeing. The score is based on eight multiple-choice survey questions.

Every user who responds to the eight questions in the Financial Wellbeing Index will receive a Financial Wellbeing score between 0 and 100. Financial Wellbeing scores from 0-39 are considered “Struggling”, scores from 40-59 are considered “Stretched”, scores from 60-79 are considered “Managing” and scores from 80-100 are considered “Thriving”.

  • Struggling
  • Stretched
  • Managing
  • Thriving

The result enables you to take stock of your financial situation, and think about managing your business more effectively. Whatever category you find yourself in, we have the knowledge and resources to help you to improve.

When you get your results you will be presented with articles and templates relevant to your financial wellbeing score. These articles will provide you with information about how to improve your score and make the best of your current situation – be that by making plans to expand your business, or simply by getting a handle on your cash-flow. You will also have access to information on financial wellbeing talks and seminars and how to get in touch with our dedicated financial advisers.