Bank of Ireland Cardcontroller

The perfect way to control Business spending

With Bank of Ireland CardController you can control how your Bank of Ireland credit cards are used, as well as the type of expenses that are incurred.

CardController FAQs

  • What is Bank of Ireland CardController?
    Bank of Ireland CardController is a new service from Bank of Ireland allowing you track and control employee (or other cardholder’s) business credit card spending by picking from a variety of controls and settings for the card such as:

    • Limit and block types of transactions such as online, international or ATM transactions.
      Note: Controls can be set for ATM transactions with the exception of ATM transactions at Bank of Ireland ATMs.
    • Limit use of the credit card to specific merchant groups such as Travel or Business Services.
    • Only allow card spend at certain times e.g. Monday to Friday.
    • Receive 24/7 real time alerts whenever the cardholder spending goes above the limits or controls set.

    Bank of Ireland CardController is simple to use and designed to increase awareness of what, when and where any business credit cards registered for the service, are being used.

  • Is there a charge for using Bank of Ireland CardController?
    No, there is no charge for registering your cards for our Bank of Ireland CardController service.
  • How will Bank of Ireland CardController change the experience for cardholders whose cards are registered?
    The accountholder nominates an administrator on the account who customises the controls for each card. The Cardholder experience will depend on the controls set for their card.

    For example, the administrator can choose to be:
    Alerted of transactions that go outside the controls or Alerted and have such transactions blocked.

    If (a) is selected then any transactions outside the controls will be alerted to the administrator. If (b) is selected then any transaction outside the controls will be unauthorised and cannot be made with the card. Alerts will be by email to the Administrator.

    Cardholders must be told that their Cards are registered and what controls have been set or changed.

  • Why is Bank of Ireland offering this service?
    Bank of Ireland is offering this service to provide businesses with more control over their cards spend. Bank of Ireland CardController is designed to provide purchase and budget controls on how cardholders use their business credit cards. Bank of Ireland is the first bank in Ireland to offer this service to business customers. This is an optional service which you can choose to register for.
  • What cards are eligible for Bank of Ireland CardController?
    If your Bank of Ireland Business Credit Card is a MasterCard then you can register for the service.
  • What web browsers can I use to access this service?
    We currently support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome. We continue to update the product and browsers that we support.

Getting Started

  • How do I create a new profile with Bank of Ireland CardController?
    It’s quick and easy to create a new profile on your computer:

    1. Click “Sign Up” on the home page at
    2. You will then be asked to create a profile and answer some security questions.
    3. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy that apply to the service.
    4. Shortly after the first registration stage you will receive an email to confirm your email details.
    5. You will then be asked to complete the registration process for the cards you wish to register. To complete registration for each card the cardholder will be asked to enter their 3D Secure Code on the site.
    6. You can then choose the spending controls you want to set for the card.

    You must tell the cardholders that you are registering their card and you must inform the cardholders of the controls which you have selected for the card.

    Password must have at least 8 digits, contain letters and numbers, but no special characters. Passwords may not contain three identical, consecutive digits.
  • Can I add more cards to my profile?
    Absolutely, you can add additional cards and set individual alerts for each card. Once you register your first card and set up your profile at just click the “Add New Card” button to register another card.
  • Is there a maximum number of cards I can register?
    Yes there is a maximum of 25 cards you can register per administrator. However if you need to register more than 25 cards you can assign another administrator in your business to manage these cards on Bank of Ireland CardController. They will need to create a new profile on Bank of Ireland CardController and follow the steps for registration. Each new profile needs to be created with the administrator email address being different for each profile created.

Control Settings

  • How do I change my Card Control Settings and alerts on the Bank of Ireland CardController platform? How often can I do this?
    It’s simple. You can make changes to your alerts whenever you want and as often as you wish. Just log in to Bank of Ireland CardController profile and click the card with the alerts you want to change. You must tell the cardholders when you change the control settings.
    Click on the “Edit Alerts” button to see the list of available alerts. You can adjust the settings of any of your alerts and the changes take effect immediately.
  • How do I change where I receive alerts?
    1. Changing where you receive alerts is easy.  You can change the email address where alerts are sent for each card you register individually. Simply:

      1. Log in to your Bank of Ireland CardController profile via the website at
      2. From either the “Home” or “Cards” menu, click the card for which you would like to change the associated email.
      3. Click the pencil icon next to the card image to edit the card details.
      4. Type in the new email address and click “Update”.
  • I did not receive an alert I believe I should have received?
    Go to your profile on the Bank of Ireland CardController website and check the appropriate controls tab such as the “Purchase Alerts” or “Budget Alerts” for the appropriate card to confirm that you have enabled the alert and that your destination email is correct.
    Also, it is a good idea to check that your email account’s spam/junk mail filters are set to allow emails from Bank of Ireland CardController. It is also possible that you may not have received an alert immediately due to an internet connectivity issue.
    Bank of Ireland CardController settings can only be set for transactions that are sent for authorisation as part of the transaction authorisation process.

Security, Passwords and Updating Details


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