Bank of Ireland Cardcontroller

The perfect way to control Business spending

With Bank of Ireland CardController you can control how your Bank of Ireland credit cards are used, as well as the type of expenses that are incurred.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

Once you register your cards, you can set purchase and budget controls on your employees’ business credit cards.

Pick from a variety of control and settings:

  • Limit or block transactions such as online or international transactions.
  • Only allow spending at certain merchant groups, such as travel or business services.
  • Choose when the cards are used (for example, you can block usage at weekends).
  • Customise the controls for each registered card.
  • Receive real time email alerts whenever the cardholder spending goes above the limits or controls set.

As well as setting controls you will also receive real time alerts whenever the cardholder spending goes above the limits or controls set.

Getting Started

It takes only a few minutes to register:

  1. Click “Sign Up”.
  2. Create a profile and answer some security questions.
  3. After the initial registration stage you will receive an email to confirm your email details.
  4. You will then be asked to complete the registration process for the cards you wish to register.
  5. You can then choose the spending controls you want to set for each card.

There is no charge for the CardController service.


If you have any questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need help with registering for Bank of Ireland CardController, call 07662 47365 (or +353 76 6247365 if calling outside of Ireland).

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