Account Reconciliation

There are a number of Electronic Banking Services available to assist your business to reconcile your accounts.

Online Banking

Business On Line allows you to keep up to date on your account activity by viewing balances and accessing transaction history on your accounts including credit cards and currency accounts. Our comprehensive online banking package has the added benefit of enabling you to export and importing data to and from your accountancy systems.

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Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation (BLAST) can be useful for customers with high volumes of account transactions as well as direct debit originators to assist in account reconciliation.

This service provides information / details of activity on specified accounts. There are 3 different options available depending on what information / details your business requires:

  • Account: details of all transactions on account
  • Cheque: details of all cheques drawn on account
  • Unpaid Direct Debits: details of all failed direct debits that have been presented on account

Information is sent electronically and can be integrated with internal accounting packages thus reducing administration and reconciling of payments.

Transaction Reporting – MT940

This service can be useful for large and multinational businesses who require a comprehensive daily overview of activity on their accounts. MT940 is an electronic daily statement where a detailed balance and transaction report is sent on a daily basis and provides information on opening and closing balances and all items posted to an account.

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