Bulk Payment Services

There are a number of electronic banking services available to assist your business make bulk payments such as payroll.

Online Banking

Business On Line, our online banking service for business customers allows you to store the details of beneficiaries that you make regular payments to so you can process payments faster.

Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT is suitable for businesses who need to make high volume domestic payments to suppliers and /or staff.

Main features include:

  • Convenient, cost effective and secure way to make regular payments such as wages or supplier payments
  • Time efficient means of processing payments as it allows you to store beneficiary bank account details so you do not have to re-enter these each time a payment is made
  • Credits and debits are made a the same time so there is no loss of float
  • Payments are automated which ensures a full audit trail helping businesses stay in control of their payments.

Call our Digital Banking Services team on 0818 210 619 to find out more today and we will tell you how you can use this service, what terms and conditions apply and what fees and charges are applicable.

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