Important information for Mozilla Firefox users.

For customers who use Mozilla Firefox please note that from March 7th 2017 Mozilla Firefox has announced the removal of Java Plugin support from its latest version of Firefox. This means as of this date that you will no longer be able to logon to Business On Line and authorise payments using the latest version of Firefox.

Business On Line can be accessed as normal from Internet Explorer versions IE9, IE10, IE11 and Safari.

Bank of Ireland recommends that you change now to IE9, IE10, IE11 or Safari when accessing Business On Line.

  • What will happen on March 7th 2017?
    On March 7th 2017 Mozilla Firefox’s support for Java will be withdrawn. Customers using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (Version 52.0) will not be able to access all or any of the features of Business On Line site.

    Alternatively Mozilla Firefox will also have the Extended Support Release available for download. This will allow plugins to be used on the browser until early 2018, therefore allowing Business On Line to run as normal.

  • I use Windows XP in conjunction with Mozilla Firefox to access BOL, what do I have to do?
    Microsoft has ended all support for Windows XP. This operating system does not receive security updates. You will need to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 or above as Windows XP is not compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer. Business On Line can then be accessed through Internet Explorer IE9, IE10, IE11 or Safari.

    Alternatively you could also download the Extended Support Release of Firefox which should allow plugins to be used on the browser until early 2018.

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