Business On Line

What can Business On Line do for you?

Find out more about our dedicated online banking service for business customers.

What You Can Do Online

Business On Line is our dedicated online banking service for business customers. Business On Line gives you a flexible, secure and cost efficient way to bank with us at a time that suits you.

There is a choice of online packages for your business:

Package Details

Subscription fees


  • View account balances and transactions
  • Make SEPA and international account transfers and third-party payments
  • Create SEPA Bulk Payments
  • View foreign exchange rates and commentary
  • View treasury deposit accounts and interest rates
  • View outstanding foreign exchange contracts
  • Make urgent priority payments for large values (same day money transfers)
  • Export data to other systems
  • View interest accrued

€10 per month

Details of other fees and charges that apply to Business On Line are included in our Business On Line brochure.

Group of Companies (Multi Co)

If your company is within a Group of Companies (Multi Co), all Limited Companies can be set up on one Business On Line profile (subject to agreement by each company).

Business On Line can help you stay in control, save time and effort and increase efficiency by enabling you to:

    Business On Line Service Level
View account activity

Keep up to date on your account activity by viewing balances and accessing transaction history on your accounts including credit cards and currency accounts.  Manage your account and view your standing orders and direct debits.

Level 1/2 & 3
Payments made easy Conveniently make payments to any company or individual by transferring funds between your accounts and making payments to accounts held with another bank without having to visit your branch or write a cheque. Level 1/2 & 3
International Payments Take care of your foreign currency needs including urgent and non-urgent transfers to international and foreign currency accounts and viewing foreign exchange rates and contracts. Level 1/2 & 3
Urgent Payments Make urgent Same Day Money Transfers to domestic accounts. Level 3 Only

Store Beneficiary details

Store the details of beneficiaries that you make regular payments to so you can process payments faster.

Level 1/2 & 3
Schedule payments Make immediate or future dated payments to staff or suppliers. Level 1/2 & 3

Multi payments (Batch)

Pay salaries or suppliers by creating one transaction which makes multiple payments at once.

Level 3 Only
Access Control

Delegate routine day to day banking tasks to members of your team deciding who uses the system and what level of access they have.

Level 1/2 & 3

Secure authorisation Maintain control of business funds by nominating designated payment approver(s) to authorise all payments.

Level 1/2 & 3


Export data from Business On Line to your accountancy systems.

Level 3 Only

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