Bank of Ireland International Payments

Safe and secure foreign currency services to support businesses trading abroad. Whether you make regular International Payments, or your needs are changing, we can help.

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Currency Risk Management

We can offer your business a full range of currency risk management supports. From currency exchange, to more tailored solutions, our team can explain how these might work for your business.

  • Spot Deals and Forwards Contracts

    These solutions can help customers to manage currency fluctuations by exchanging currencies at an agreed rate and time, giving customers more control during uncertain times and market volatility.

    For more information, or to find out how these solutions could work for your business, contact our Treasury team on: 01 6094300, or watch our FX Solutions video below.

  • FXPay

    FXPay is Bank of Ireland’s international payments platform for customers who make regular international payments. It allows you to easily and securely transact FX deals and make international payments online, with no payment fees for standard payments until January 2024*.

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    *Applies to standard payments made on Bank of Ireland FXPay until January 2024.

  • Currency Accounts

    If you have receipts and payments in the same (non-Euro) currency, this option may be worth considering. Currency accounts offer you the ability to net off foreign currency payables and receivables. They can help customers to minimise and manage exchange risk and maximise cash flows efficiently.

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FX Foundations – Learn about Foreign Exchange, Currency Market movements and how they might impact your business.

FX Solutions – Learn about Spot Deals, Forward Contracts and FX Options, and how these might work for your business.

FXPay. If you make or receive regular FX payments, you can request access to our dedicated FX platform FXPay, which could help save you time and money. Find out what our customers have to say about FXPay.

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