Debit Card Contactless Payments

  • How does Contactless work?

    When you see the Contactless symbol you will be able to use your Visa Business Debit or Credit card to make purchases up to a maximum value of €50.

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  • How do I make a Contactless payment?
    1. Look out for the Contactless symbol
    2. Hold the card against the reader to pay
    3. A beep or green light indicates the transaction is complete. A receipt is available on request.

    The transaction is like any other card transaction in that generally the funds come directly out of your available balance in your account.

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  • What can I use Contactless for?

    Everyday low value purchases up to €50. These limits may differ in different countries. Typical purchases might be paying for a sandwich or buying a newspaper. Rather than using cash to pay for these small purchases you can use your Debit or Credit card.

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  • What is Contactless?

    Contactless is a payment method you can use to make purchases by simply holding your card against a card reader at a point of sale. It can be used to make purchases below €50.These limits may differ in different countries.The card uses a secure radio signal, known as Near-Field Communications (NFC). It is powered when it comes into close contact with the reader.

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  • Can I use my card abroad for Contactless transactions?

    Yes, wherever you see the Contactless symbol you can use your card, up to the maximum value of €50 per transaction.

    These limits may differ in different countries.

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  • How is Contactless different to Chip and PIN?

    Instead of inserting your card into a terminal and entering your PIN, with Contactless you hold the Debit or Credit card against the reader and in less than a second, it will confirm whether the purchase has been accepted. A receipt is available on request.

    From time to time we may ask you to enter your PIN.

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  • Is Contactless available on my card?

    If your card has Contactless payment functionality you should see the ‘Contactless Symbol’  on the card.

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  • How secure is Contactless?

    We have ensured that your card includes the latest security features required by the payment card industry.

    As an extra precaution from time to time you will be prompted to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

    Once you report the card lost or stolen you will be covered by the card terms and conditions of use.

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  • Where can I make Contactless payments?

    You can make Contactless payments wherever retailers display Contactless symbol  . This symbol may be on display or on the terminal.

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