Logging on:

  • How do I log onto Business On Line File Gateway?
    To logon, enter your 7 digit user ID, starting with ‘S’.
    This is the User ID you (Administrator 1) received from Bank of Ireland.
    On first logon you will required to change your password, enter the password you received with your User ID and change it to a password known only to you.
    Re-enter your new password to confirm.
    Press ‘Sign In’.
  • Can I change my Business on Line File Gateway password?

    Yes it is possible to change the password on Business on Line File Gateway. Please click here to review the step by step process for changing your password in our guide, Business On Line File Gateway Guide.

  • I can’t log onto Business On Line Payments Plus?

    To log onto Business on line Payments Plus you will need your User ID and Digipass (administrator 2 has Business On Line Payments Plus and Digipass access).

    Click here to watch a step by step demo for logging on.

  • I have lost my Digipass, how do I order a new one?

    If you need to order a new Digipass you need to contact us.

    If you have a spare Digipass you should contact us to activate it.

  • How do I unlock my Digipass?

    If you lock your Digipass you need to contact us and request a new Digipass, there is no way of unlocking your existing Digipass.

  • Where do I unlock my Digipass?

    Your Digipass ID is on the back of your Digipass token. This is a 10 digit serial number above the bar code.

  • How do I create my own unique PIN when using my Digipass for the first time?
    1. Turn it on by pressing the red button. New devices will display NEW PIN.
    2. Enter the 5 digit number (you created on your own, this should be unique to you)
    3. Press the green Enter button.
    4. Re-enter your new PIN to confirm. Your Digipass will now be active with your new 5 digit PIN.

    Note: The following rules apply to changing a PIN:

    • The PIN cannot be the same as the current one.
    • The difference between the digits cannot be constant e.g. 12345, 11111, 13579, 97531.
    • The device will perform a validation on the PIN entered and ensure an insecure PIN is not entered.
    • Bank of Ireland will never know, or store, your PIN.

    Please note: It is important to remember this PIN and also keep it confidential to you. If you forget your PIN, you will need to order a new device or activate your spare Digipass.

  • Can I change the PIN of my Digipass?

    Yes it is possible to change the PIN on your Digipass. Please review the step by step process in our Digipass guide.

  • What happens if I cant recall my Business On Line Payments Plus User ID?

    If you lose your Digipass User ID number, Administrator 2 can contact us and request for the BOI Operator to call it out to them over the phone. Once authenticated, the Bank of Ireland Operator will provide it to the user over the phone.