Logging on:

  • How do I log onto Business On Line File Gateway?

    To logon,

    • Enter your 7 digit user ID, starting with ‘S’. This is the User ID you (Administrator 1) received from Bank of Ireland.
    • On first logon you will required to change your password,
    • Enter the password you received with your User ID and change it to a password known only to you.
    • Re-enter your new password to confirm.
    • Press ‘Sign In’.
  • Can I change my Business on Line File Gateway password?

    Yes it is possible to change the password on Business on Line File Gateway. Please click here to review the step by step process for changing your password in our guide, Business On Line File Gateway Guide.

  • I can’t log on to Business On Line Payments Plus.

    KeyCode Users

    Make sure you have your Business On Line Payments plus User ID and a one-time single use security code, generated by the KeyCode app.

    Approve Users

    Steps to logon to Business On Line Payments plus are contained within our customer support guides.

    For further support, please refer to our customer support guides here.

  • What happens if I cant recall my Business On Line Payments Plus User ID?

    If you lose your Digipass User ID number, Administrator 2 can contact us for assistance.