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First Time User

Everything you need to know to get started with Business On Line.

Your Setup Checklist

  • Administrator ID and 2 passwords. The Business On Line Helpdesk will provide these if you don’t have these yet. Click here for contact details.
  • Choose your preferred browser and operating system (Business On Line works on Internet Explorer 9,10,11, Safari and Firefox, and you can access it from Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8 and Apple Mac OSX).
  • Understand the difference between an Administrator and a User and which role applies to you. The video below explains this.

Note: You can access our Business On Line training portal at

When you’re ready to logon, click here.

  • Administrators

    Your Role

    • Start the setup process, sets up new Users, authorisation limits and access levels.
    • Required again if a User needs to reset a password or to create or amend Users and User Groups.
    • Contacts the Helpdesk to reset Administrator passwords.
    • Cannot view accounts or make payments.

    Preparation Essentials Before Your First Logon as an Administrator

    • You’ll need approximately 30 minutes to complete the setup process.
    • You’ll need to decide how many Users and User Groups you want to set up on Business On Line. We recommend an individual User for each person who will be accessing Business On Line.
    • Consider which privileges will be given to each User Group, for example some may make payments and some view only. You’ll also need to decide which accounts these privileges apply to.
    • Decide on the Authorisation Limits for your company and the payment authorisation levels for the different Users. For instance, you might choose one User with authorisation for payments under €100 and two Users with authorisation for payments over €100.
    • Now you’re ready to logon as Administrator.

    Your First Logon as an Administrator

    • When you logon for the very first time, you will need to logon as Administrator. The “Training Wizard” will take you through the initial setup process, including creating users and user groups, assigning payment panels and registering EFT/ BACS files. The wizard is available to use at any stage by clicking on the link in the Quick Actions section of the Administrator Dashboard.
    • Once you have set up, you will then need to exit and logon as User.
    • Remember that you will not be able to view accounts or make payments until you have logged on and set up as a User.
    • Remember to allocate the required number of users for your company. Bank of Ireland recommends that you never share User IDs and Logon passwords. Each User in your company should have their own username and logon details.
  • Users

    Your Role

    • A day-to-day user of Business On Line.
    • Own a single password which can be reset by the Administrator if lost/forgotten.
    • Can view accounts and make payments (if the Administrator has granted these privileges).

    Your First Logon as a User

    • Make sure you can view all the correct/relevant accounts you expect to see. If not, your Administrator can make amendments for you.
    • If you will be making payments, you need to “Order A Digital Certificate”.
    • The Business On Line Administrator(s) will then input their passwords during your “Request Cert” process, at your computer.
    • As a test, you can create a 1 cent payment, either as an account transfer or 3rd party payment.

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