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Business On Line is the perfect choice for business customers with advanced electronic payment needs, requiring more functionality and greater control.

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Using Business On Line for the first time

Before you can use Business On Line the person (or two persons) nominated as an Administrator will need to complete set-up and create Users. This will take approximately 30 minutes.

  • The role of the Administrator(s) – (maximum of two)
    • Administrators are responsible for completing the initial setup and ongoing management of Users, authorisation limits and access levels.
    • If a User changes their mobile device the Administrators will need to help them recomplete activation of the Approve app.
    • Administrators cannot view accounts or make payments – to do so they will need to create and login to a separate User profile. Administrators should regularly monitor the audit log for signs of unauthorised or suspicious activity.
    Our video explains more about the role of an Administrator and User

Please note: If you nominate two administrators, they’ll share a dual login. Both will need to be available to access administrator functions, so we recommend that the people you nominate are co-located and likely to be available at the same time.

Getting set up

Setup Checklist

To use Business On Line for the first time, the person(s) nominated as an Administrator will need the following items to get set up.

  • Your Administrator Username contained in the welcome email we sent to you after processing your application. How to Apply
  • x2 Administrator temporary passwords which we sent in the post. Please contact the Business On Line Helpdesk if you don’t have these yet.
  • The Approve app downloaded to your smart device.
  • A compatible internet browser and computer operating system to access Business On Line. Visit our technical specifications page to find out more.

Administrator Setup

Once you have everything in the checklist, follow the steps below to access your profile:

  • Step 1

    Visit and use your Username and temporary passwords to sign in

    If you have two Administrators the second temporary password will be sent to them

  • Step 2

    Complete setup and activation of the Approve App

    The Bank of Ireland Approve App is linked to each Administrator’s Username

  • Step 3

    You’re all set – log in using your Username and Approve App

    If you have two Administrators, they’ll both need to input their password from Approve

User Setup

Once Administrator setup is complete, you will need to decide how many Users you wish access your Business On Line profile.

  • Users can access Business On Line day-to-day and by assigning them to a User Group, Administrators can determine what accounts they can view and whether they can make payments from them.
  • Administrators can also decide on the authorisation limits for the company and the payment limit for each User. For example you may choose one User to authorise payments under €100 and require two Users to authorise payments over €100.
  • Each User in your business should be set up with their own Business On Line login details. Follow the steps below to set up a User
  • Step 1

    Administrator logs in to Business On Line

    Using your username and Approve app

  • Step 2

    Use the Business On Line Setup Wizard

    The Setup Wizard is one of the ‘Quick Actions’ available at the bottom left of the Administrator Dashboard.

  • Step 3

    Initiate setup of the Approve app for each user

    This is to enable the Users you have created to log in to Business On Line.

  • Step 4

    User set-up complete

    Users can log in using their Username and Approve app.

For more information you can access our Business On Line Training Portal here

Remember: Bank of Ireland recommends that you never share User IDs, passwords or PINs.

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