New SEPA BOL Information

The new SEPA enhanced version of Business On Line is now available to customers in the Republic of Ireland.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below. You can also follow the new Business On Line SEPA Tutorial (for ROI customers) and watch 5 demos of the main changes.

If you want to send a Euro payment to any of the SEPA zone countries (see question below for list of countries), for next day value, you will need to select the Payments Option and then complete the SEPA Payment screen. Should you choose to send a Euro payment to a SEPA zone country using the International (Excl. SEPA) screen, you will incur the urgent payment fee.

If you want to send a Euro payment to a non-SEPA zone country, or an urgent Euro payment to a SEPA zone country, or a non-Euro payment to any country, please use the International (Excl. SEPA) screen. This includes:

  • Sterling payments to the UK
  • US Dollar payments to the US
  • Same Day (urgent) Euro payments to SEPA zone countries
  • All other Euro or non-Euro payments to non-SEPA zone countries

To view the payment cut-off times (Republic of Ireland customers), click here.