Effective cashflow management is one of the key challenges for businesses today. Leasing allows your business to obtain the use of selected plant, equipment or vehicles over an agreed term - in exchange for a fixed rental.

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Schedule of Fees and Charges
Audit Certificates €12.70
Copy Lease Rental Invoice €12.70
Data Protection Act Query €0
Documentation/ Administration Fee (+VAT if applicable) €63.49
Purchase Instalment (Hire Purchase) €63.49
Transfer of Lease (+VAT if applicable) €126.97
Negotiation Fee1 1% of Amount Advanced
Commitment Fee1 0.5% of Amount Advanced
All the above charges are approved by the Central Bank of Ireland under the Consumer Credit Act of 1995

Late Payment

The Customer shall pay additional interest at the rate of 0.75 percent per month (9% per annum) on all overdue payments from the due date until payment thereof and the rights of the company hereunder shall not in any way be affected by any time or other indulgence that the company may see fit to grant to the Customer.

1 Applied to large corporate advances and subject to negotiation.

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