Features Guide

How to make alternative payment arrangements on your Business Instant Access Demand account

Direct payment services are not a feature of the Business Instant Access Demand account and you will not be able to make a direct payment to an external account from this account.
Money can be moved in and out of your Business Instant Access Demand to any other Bank of Ireland account online where those product features allow money in.

External electronic payments or transfers to an account with another institution, can be made from an account that has payment services enabled such as your Bank of Ireland current account or Bank of Ireland Demand Deposit account. This is outlined in your product terms and conditions. Only accounts with payment services available are selectable options on the payment screens in BOL. If you wish to use funds from an Instant Access Demand account you must first transfer to a BOI payment account. Cash and bank draft withdrawals are available in branch.

Our Current Account products are designed to facilitate day-to-day payment transactions. If you require regular 3rd party payments, you can arrange a standing order or direct debit from your Bank of Ireland Current account. You cannot set up a Standing Order of Direct Debit from your Instant Access Demand.