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We specialise in providing flexible deposit options that can be tailored to your business needs.

Our Relationship Managers are here to listen, understand and ensure that your business deposit needs are met with leading advice and support.

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Terms & Conditions

There are Terms & Conditions that apply to the Demand Deposit Account. Please see below for more information.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION PLEASE READ: from 18 October 2022 we will no longer be opening new “Demand Deposit Accounts” as we are launching a new alternative “Instant Access Demand Account”. If your account is opened before this date it will be a “Demand Deposit Account” and the existing Demand Deposit Account Terms and Conditions will apply. However, if your account opens on or after this date it will be the new “Instant Access Demand Account” and the new Instant Access Demand Account Terms and Conditions will apply. PLEASE NOTE: The type of account that will be opened for you will depend on the date that the account is opened, not the date that application is received by us. The normal application processing time is 3 days however may vary in certain circumstances.

Key Changes: It will no longer be mandatory to have a BOI current account to open an Instant Access Demand Account. There will be no limit on the number of Instant Access Demand accounts that can be opened. Direct Debits and standing orders will not be facilitated. You can only transfer funds online to your own accounts that accepts transfers. You can instantly access your money in any BOI branch.

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