What’s the Best Farm Development Plan for you?

Increasing scale or simply investing in new infrastructure and production potential represent key growth opportunities for Irish farmers.

The upcoming review of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will, almost certainly, bring changes in the way aid is made available to farmers across the European Union (EU). The clear focus will be on delivering the support to those farmers actively producing food.

This scenario brings with it the potential to deliver real business development opportunities for those producers committed to growth and expansion. Adding to this momentum are the recent tax changes introduced to facilitate the development of long-term, land leasing opportunities in Ireland.

As a result, we are now entering an era where real expansion can be secured at individual farm level without the need to actually buy land.

And the business options to make this happen are extremely diverse. Young farmers, for example, may be particularly drawn to the possibility of forging a joint venture agreement with an older landowner.

At Bank of Ireland we recognise the potential for new and flexible farm development programmes to work. Moreover, we will actively consider lending money to those involved, provided the business plan is right.

Proper planning is everything. Bank of Ireland advisors are uniquely experienced in working with farmer-clients to help then come up with the specific development opportunities that best suits their individual needs.

Bank of Ireland has a tremendously successful track record in operating within the agri space. We represent a unique business development resource for Irish farmers. To access this, it’s simply a case of contacting our Direct Team, the members of which will comprehensively assess the merits of each proposed business plan that is submitted to them.
Having a viable business idea is one thing: actually putting into operation is something else entirely.

At Bank of Ireland we fully recognise the tremendous potential that exists to grow farm output in Ireland.

And this is already happening right around the country. Bank of Ireland is currently funding numerous farm development projects, which will have a beneficial impact on the businesses involved for the next twenty years and, possibly, beyond. But the scope remains to do so much more at individual farm level.
Bank of Ireland fully recognises the role that production agriculture will continue to play within the Irish economy and we are committed to investing with the sector accordingly.

So if you are committed to growing your own farm business: why not contact reality Bank of Ireland and let us help convert your plan into a profitable reality?